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Shin Splints: How to Ease Your Lower Leg Pain
... A type of "overuse injury" to the legs, the most common causes of shin splints include excessive running, poor conditioning and over-pronation (flattening of the arch)...

Start Your Marathon Training off on the Right Foot
...If the pain gets worse with reduced exercise and rest, stop training and visit your podiatrist Aside from stress fractures which often occur from overtraining, additional foot problems you may experience include: Toenail problems, including ingrown and fungus Heel pain, such as plantar fasciitis Achilles tendon and calf pain Toe pain, such as bunions Shin splints Before you start training, our practice recommends visiting a podiatrist for a complete evaluation of your lower extremities...

What's Slowing Down Your Game? It Could Be Faulty Foot Mechanics
... Many sports injuries can be traced back to biomechanical problems, including: Sprained ankles Back pain Hip pain Shin splints Calluses and corns Plantar fasciitis Once our practice has identified the problem and cause of your pain, a tailor made treatment plan can be created to restore your lower extremities and feet to their normal function, thus improving your game...

Compartment Syndrome
...Symptoms include aching, burning or cramping, and can be confused with shin splints...

... Foot Problems Related to Equinus Depending on how a patient compensates for the inability to bend properly at the ankle, a variety of foot conditions can develop, including: Plantar fasciitis (arch/heel pain) Calf cramping Tendonitis (inflammation in the Achilles tendon) Metatarsalgia (pain and/or callusing on the ball of the foot) Flatfoot Arthritis of the midfoot (middle area of the foot) Pressure sores on the ball of the foot or the arch Bunions and hammertoes Ankle pain Shin splints Diagnosis Most patients with equinus are unaware they have this condition when they first visit the doctor...

Shin Splints
Shin splints” is a term to describe pain and swelling in the front of the lower legs...